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IBO Slag grabber

The slag grabber is especially designed for the use with the Tornado hood. It is installed on a frame structure between the furnaces and can be used for deslagging of two furnaces of the same size and that are placed in the same distance to the control booth. It is hydraulically operated. The slag grabber can be installed in the way that it can swivel to the front side of the furnaces or to the rear side. The swiveling movement and the vertical adjustment is done by the operator by a control panel which is installed in the control cabin. The Tornado hood can be positioned in a close distance to the slag grabber respectively the bath surface while deslagging, for an efficient extraction of the fumes while deslagging Easy, comfortable and save control of the slag grabber in the control booth. The slag grabber must not be moved by hand Usable for two furnaces Hydraulically operated Independent from the indoor crane

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