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The foam lance 'bubble tube' is used to generate large amounts of foam. Through various infusions and using different surfactants, the properties of the foam may be varied.


Wells are used in the hydraulically pivotable tipping device. Emptying is performed safely and at the desired rate and amount.

Big-Bag filling station

The big bag filling station provides for the clean and easy removal of dust and fine-grained material. The big bags are filled successively in order to avoid any work stoppages due to changing. For example, a typical application location for one of these dispensaries might be a grinding facility in which dust is collected in silos. The dust can be then be packed in big bags and recycled in a foundry.

IBO vacuum cleaner

With IBO vacuum cleaner, operated with the compressed air, dust, fine and coarse-grained materials can be sucked away. The dust does not, as is conventionally done, enter a separate container that must eventually be emptied, but rather immediately enters the pipeline of a dedusting system and is filtered there. Even inaccessible places can be effectively cleaned with the flexibility of a vacuum cleaner.

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There are 3 different versions of connecting piece to the pipelines.