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The throttle regulates the airflow in the raw gas line. It can be operated electrically or manually and is available in different sizes, available with one or more valves, in round or right angular shape or e.g., in a special flat design when space is limited. The drives are equipped with a potentiometer to signal the position of the flap.

Skimmer: Funkabscheider

The skimmer is used to separate coarse particles and sparks from the air stream. For this purpose, it is installed in front of the filter in the raw gas pipe. The raw gas enters the skimmer and is directed in a horizontal rotational movement. The heavier particles are carried by gravity to the outside and collide against the outer wall. From there, they slide down, where air baffles cut off the air layer that is carrying heavier particles and passes them into the settling area. There, the particles separate and are collected in a container or big bag. The air that has been offset in rotation exits the skimmer via a center-mounted tube. The red cover can be removed for maintenance purposes and replaced if necessary.


The piping has optimized airflow for less turbulence and pressure loss. They are designed and constructed in accordance with the required air quantity and adapted to the particular structure of the building. The pipes are made of welded 3 mm plates and painted both on the outside and the inside.

Junction box

The aerodynamically optimized junction box connects the hood with the exhaust duct. Various designs are available. The junction box is often connected to a throttle valve, then a transition piece, from rectangular to round, and then the round raw gas pipe.

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