Products Overview Equipment for Tornado hoods

Control and operation...

For the hydraulically actuated exhaust hoods, electrical or

mechanical control valves are offered, as well as the complete

hydraulic connection with piping and hoses with flame-

retardant coatings.

The extraction hoods are equipped with limit switches, which

determine the hood position. These signals are used via a

control to match the extraction volume of the corresponding

operating phases. The controller can be installed in a cabinet or

together with the hydraulic components in a control panel. The

corresponding control station is also part of the product range.

Air duct...

Comprehensive pipe connections featuring junction boxes,

butterfly valves, couplings, pipe, spark separators,

including planning, manufacturing and assembly, are on

offer as ventilation accessories.

Tornado hoods...

Different structural supplements are available for the Tornado extraction hood.

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