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IBO charging bucket with simple kinematics

The charging bucket with simple kinematics is suitable for charging with a monorail crane. After filling, on a frame, the bucket can be moved via a monorail crane at the furnace. When positioning at the furnace, the swiveling flap opens and closes below the top so that the gas can be extracted optimally. For storage, the bucket just needs to be shut down. In order to prevent the opening of the pivoting flap, it is fixed with a bolt.

IBO charging tube

The charging tub provides charging in small quantities by hand and is the cheapest option. Here, too, extraction occurs during charging. After setting down the tub in front of the furnace, the front hooks must be released and then raised, and subsequently, the rear part as well. The speed and quantity are then regulated by the angle. The advantage of this variant, as with other charging buckets, is the sliding filling of the crucible. This causes less spatter and thus does not build up pressure in the crucible.

IBO charging bucket with sprung floor

The charging bucket with sprung floor is suitable for large quantities and is filled using a magnet. After positioning the charging bucket, the plate opens with the aid of a motor. Via the shakers mounted on the bottom, the material can slide into the crucible. This charging bucket has a separate chamber that can be opened with a cylinder and so additives may be added as required. All charging buckets offer the following benefits: Correct and safe use Suitable for multiple furnaces The scrap slides into the furnace (causing less spatter and does not trap air inside the furnace) Optimum extraction during charging.

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